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Bradford Audio provides wiring solutions that efficiently manage today’s technology for commercial and residential needs.  Commercial and residential wiring provides flexibility and gives a user, the ability to move phone and cable TV locations without costly renovations and hassles.  Home networking and small office solutions that would not be available with conventional wiring methods are easily accomplished with structured wiring.  Simply put, it gives the home the ability to adapt, as your lifestyle and technology evolves.   


We wire outlets in the house with a RG6 Quad shield cable and a Cat 6 high speed voice/data cable, and or more, allowing each outlet to serve as a phone, cable TV, cable modem, or computer network location.  All of the outlets are independently run to a distribution center, which enables quick changes to the system by a technician without disruption to the structure of your home or numerous visits to complete the work. 


Structured wiring gives you the ability to choose what you want to do with your home, not what your home is limited to doing.  In addition to providing a more efficient home today, structured wiring will also positively impact the resale value of your home tomorrow by providing more choices to prospective buyers.  It will give your home a competitive edge over other houses that have outdated wiring systems.  

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