Distributed Audio and Video 


The only audio/video component you want to see is your TV or projection screen. Having a Blu-Ray or DVD player, cable/ satellite box, and a stack of other supporting components in each room is not only unsightly, it results in redundant components, extra energy usage, and poses the challenge of where to hide all of the components. Another inconvenience is running around the house to find which room your Blu-Ray or DVD movie was left in, multiple remotes and a mess of cabling.  
The professionals at Bradford Audio routinely hide these components in a mechanical room or closet space and are able to distribute the audio and video from a central location. Even a 20-bedroom estate requires as little as three cable boxes or satellite receivers, and all of your movies can be centrally stored with a media server. With a media server, each room in your home can have its own unique movie feed playing simultaneously! Your architect and interior designer love this flexibility, as now they don't have to find niches or build cabinets to hide the electronics.  


Whole-Home audio is one of the most desired services we offer. Having speakers in all rooms that can play your favorite music at your command can provide a great at-home experience. There is hundreds of ways that whole-home audio can be accomplished ranging in price from relatively inexpensive to lavish and feature-packed. 


Bradford Audio specializes in Distributed Audio and can design a system to your specification.  Should you need the entire system wired or wireless, installed, and setup to be simple to operate, we can help!  Already have the home wired for whole-home audio? Perfect!  No matter your situation, Bradford Audio can design a custom solution that will turn your home into an entertainers dream! 


There are very few limits to what we can do. Every whole-home audio solution requires a consultation. A designer will come to your home, discuss your requirements, make recommendations and put together a proposal which fits you best.

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