Home Automation


Intelligent Automation 


Enjoy light schedules that adjust a utomatically with seasons and time changes.


Keyless Entry 


Lock and unlock doors through the free mobile app and leave your keys behind.


Customized Triggers 


Use the sensors installed in your home to automatically trigger activity.


User Code Access 


Assign user codes to give selective access for certain doors or locks in your home.


Garage Door Control 


Remotely open and close garage doors as well as receive alerts when left open.


Home Automation - Lighting 


The possibilities are endless with automated Lighting Control by Bradford Audio and Lutron light switches, the gold standard. No more forgetting to turn off a light or coming home late to a dark house. With any enabled smart device, computer or customized control panel you can easily create the perfect mix of ambiance, security and energy usage. Our lighting control system is also easy to install by simply replacing your existing switches or plugging into outlets, avoiding any construction hassles.  


Whether it’s safety that is your main concern or simply convenience for a busy lifestyle, automated lighting will give you full control of your home in the personalized way you’ve always wanted. 


Our customized panels allow for room-to-room specifications such as a panic button in the bedroom that turns on and flashes your home's lights when you hear an intruder, or a cooking button in the kitchen to brighten and adjust your stovetop lighting. Our system also allows for motion sensors to automatically light outdoor pathways, indoor hallways and entryways, and late-night baby nursery visits. Our panelled control system is personalized from the programmed buttons to the color and finish of your panel to create a seamless look in every room. Each control button is back-lit and engraved with its specific function eliminating the need to guess which switch does what. We also install state of the art sensors that adjust to the natural light of your home ensuring the perfect setting at all times. Want a setting changed after installation? No worries. Access all your programs from your enabled smart device or computer for hassle free adjustments and changes anytime.   


By installing even a few Lutron lighting devices you can save money and time. Simply put your house into “energy” mode on your way out the door, or even from your bed at night with one touch of a button.


Home Automation - Climate Control


At times, we take climate control for granted, expecting a home to be comfortable no matter what season or how bad the weather outside. Heating and cooling your home can be expensive, especially if your HVAC system is cranking at full blast whether you’re home or not. With Bradford Audio Home Automated Climate Control featuring Nest, you effectively manage your home's energy usage and temperature whenever and from wherever you are. 


Automated Climate Control saves our customers 10 to 50% annually on their electric bill and greatly lessens their overall energy usage. By utilizing "Smart" Thermostats you have the ability to program temperatures for different times of day and days of the week, remotely respond to changing conditions from any enabled smart device or computer, tailor climates room by room and much more. Our Climate Control system is centered around a state of the art custom design that allows your HVAC to self-monitor, ultimately allowing you to lower your energy usage, ease the demand of your HVAC unit and save money. 


In addition, to customized temperature management Automated Climate Control offers additional services such as heat sensing motorized shades that automatically lower to keep your home from getting too hot during the summer or to provide your family with privacy during the evening. Our unique system also senses the sunrise and sunset each day and can open or shut your shades accordingly. Ask Bradford Audio today about the various products and services that can make these solutions possible for you and your family. 


Home Automation - Entertainment 


Home Automation Entertainment from Bradford Audio specializes in providing the "cool factor" in today's Home Automation and Smart Home Technologies by simply making the products and systems you already have and use every day work together. We can integrate everything from lighting control, music, home theater, climate control, security and even your smartphones and tablets. Bradford Audio utilizes products such as RTI, Nest, and Lutron to create a personalized experience to enhance your family's lifestyle and provide added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind. 


Start your journey today by automating just your family room or home theater, or go big with whole-home automation. Your new home automation system is completely scalable no matter the application.  Ever sit down to watch a movie and realize you left the lights on? By adding QEI lighting, you don't need to worry about getting up. Set your remote or touchscreen to dim the lights automatically, creating the optimal viewing environment. Need to get up for a snack? Set the lights come back on to a dim level so you can find your way to the kitchen. All this can happen just by turning on your TV or pressing pause.  Hear classical music in the den, jazz in the kitchen, and rock in your teenager's room all at the same time. 


Play songs from your favorite streaming services, like Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM satellite, or your iTunes music library. 


Distribute amplified music to different areas in the house with multi-zone amplifiers. 


Send music from virtually any source, including your smartphone or tablet to any room in your house with the Bradford Audio. Even guests can stream music throughout your home. 


  • Automate your home theater experience with one-touch control 

  • Access your home control system through your TV 

  • Send HD video to any room in the house 


Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives, and portable devices or browse through them all simultaneously 


With unprecedented control over your audio, Bradford Audio will change the way you listen to music forever. The intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to browse through your music collection and play any song you want, at any volume, in any room in the house. You can transform your family room into a state-of-the-art home theater with the ability to make your smart home even smarter. Watch TV, access your Blu-ray movie collection, or enjoy your entire music library using your smart phone, tablet, or an easy-to-use remote. All it takes is one tap to have the shades close, the lights fade, and the receiver kick in at the perfect volume. 

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