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Bradford Audio has specialists that will assist you in your Home Theater design, Home theater prewire and Home theater installation. Whether you are looking for some hand holding or prefer a soup to nuts approach, we would love to tackle your technology endeavor. If you fee a “Home Theater” is a little more than you need, perhaps a comfortable family entertainment area is all that is called for.  We aren’t your typical AV and don’t need to sell you “Audiophile” products. We are knowledgeable of all AV disciplines and will make suggestions based on your needs. If you want a $10,000 Krell mono-block amp, we’ll do it.  If you want a $500.00 Sony home theater in a box, we’ll do it. Just know, it will be the best Krell amp or Sony home theater in a box because it was installed and setup by Bradford Audio.  We give you options, you make the decision.   


Home Theaters don’t need to be elaborate. Simply having the correct amount of speakers, a display, sources and most important, proper setup, and you are on your way. Home Theaters are used for more than just watching movies and TV nowadays, and can be used for your gaming enthusiasts. Surround audio is what heightens the experience and makes the game, TV show, or movie cinematic. 


Items we will discuss for your Home Theater/ Family Entertainment Area: 


Room Size/ Seating, Lighting, Shades/ Outdoor light control, Display/ Projector/ Projector Screens, Existing equipment, Remote Control, Networking, and location of equipment covers the most common needs. Sounds like a lot to consider which it is, but if you just want something easy, we can do that too! 


Because many people don’t have extra space in their home, we are a real big proponent of turning the family room into an entertainment area. Most people aren’t aware just how inexpensive a decent projector and screen are, and how they could be incorporated into the family room unobtrusively yet effective. Electric drop down screens and projectors hide the equipment yet make your everyday Family room into that Home Theater you wish you had.  If you’re thinking about it, give us a call and we will lend a hand. AV is our passion, and we love what we do. 

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