• James B Temple

Taking the mask off sound masking?

People all over the world are spending more time in health clinics than ever before. I myself have been in and out for other reasons than Covid, but I find the same scenario whether it's a doctor's, or dentist's office.

Anytime I am inside the actual examination room, I always can hear exactly what is being said on the other side of the door. I find this somewhat strange knowing what I know about the healthcare industry and HIPAA laws, and wonder if office managers, operations people, doctors, or whomever actually cares about these guidelines is aware of technology like sound masking.

Sound masking is a SCIENCE, and if you are looking to increase speech privacy, or decrease open office distractions, this is something for YOU. This pretty much covers 80% of office buildings and health care clinics. Current construction methods focus on inexpensive construction. Walls are typical 2x4 steel or wood construction, and 1/2" or 5/8" drywall, with drop acoustic tile ceilings. Sound travels all over through these places and very little thought is every given to speech privacy during a build out. I could on and on about this, but if you have questions, shoot me an email and I will be happy to talk this over with you.

Lastly, here is a link to the company I use for sound masking.

I have used them for over 15 years, and find they are the best in the business. Also, real important. If you are getting one of these systems installed, make sure the company doing the selling, is the SAME company doing the install.

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