Universal Remote Controls


This area is the biggest source of confusion and aggravation for the end user. I hear this all the time, “what happened to just turning on the TV”, well, those days are mostly gone unless you live on a farm and have an antenna! (I install antennas as well for those looking to cut the cord!). Quite frankly, our desire to stay home and watch the big game with surround sound, or a Blu Ray Movie on the flat screen is what’s caused this. Either learn how to read the instruction booklet, or get a universal remote control that has been programmed correctly for your gear. You will love the way it works, it will work all the time, and most importantly, it will allow you to use all the features you have already bought, but just weren’t aware of. Universal remotes can be very pricey or inexpensive and yes you can use your iPhone/android to control the whole thing.  We are pros with universal remote controls and can control just about anything. Below are two every day examples of remote issues. 


See if you fit into one: 


Customer A has a HTIB (Home Theater in a Box), a television and a cable box. Customer A has no less than three remotes. If your cable installer was somewhat professional, he programmed the cable remote to operate the TV, but your Hot Tub is left in the cold, so you have two remotes that may or may not be working due to how it was hooked up after the cable man left. Which one do you use for volume? Can you switch the TV input in order to use the built in DVD/Blu Ray player from the HTIB? What remote do you use to stop and pause the Blu ray? How do you turn off everything when you’re done? 


Customer B- has a surround receiver, standalone Blu ray player, Cable box, Television, Apple TV, and an X Box. This customer has six remotes. One person in the house knows how to work it all, but that person usually doesn’t watch TV much or doesn’t watch with the rest of the family. 99% of the time, Cable is all that’s being used, so the other five remotes sitting on the table are just there to make you think….. Mr. Cable guy will have set the cable remote up to work the TV again, but that’s it for sure. You are on your own with the rest of the equipment. There are more questions that can be asked here on this page than I have room for. If you don’t have a universal remote for this scenario, then either you know how to use the whole thing (you’re a techy!) and have educated the rest of the family, You are the only one who knows how to use the system and act as the electronic ambassador to the family room, or you don’t have a clue. 


Regardless, unless it works perfectly without a hitch and everyone including the babysitter can use it, call us. We can fix your remote nightmare and bring order to your room.  

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